Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A fun weekend at Pyes Pa

The weather really turned it on for our annual weekend campout in the heart of Tauranga suburbia at Pyes Pa. By Friday night, there were already a dozen people there and this number grew to over 30 for Happy Hour on Saturday night. A large group based themselves and their campervans or tents at the park for the whole weekend.
A trip to the beach on Saturday was quite a blast – from the wind I mean. I think we all got more windburn than sunburn. Many of the group ventured into the surf, which with the windy conditions actually felt warmer than the air. Several young new couples were also there trying out the naturist lifestyle. We regrouped at Pyes Pa for Happy Hour and enjoyed a communal BBQ. This led to us all sitting around the fire till the full moon came up. With such a diverse and interesting group of people, the discussion was interesting – all topics from climate change to theoretical physics to astronomy! Which way the water goes down the plughole in the Northern Hemisphere vs the Southern was another topic.

On Sunday, after a breakfast cooked by our own naked chefs, Peter took us on another walk – this year up the same stream that we went down last year. A large group of us enjoyed the walk up the creek, except for me, who fell at the first post and twisted my knee. Some walked for an hour upstream while others went some distance in between.

On Monday, a large contingent visited the Bay of Plenty Sun Club and enjoyed a day at this lovely club. The pool got well used by many of those there. Some stayed on for a BBQ and we stayed on for the night.