Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Opoutere Beach 2014

We have just returned from another fabulous weekend at Opoutere BeachSaturday dawned misty with occasional drizzle and with the humidity probably at 100% because even under shelter we got wet! Some of the keen fishermen amongst us headed off early to the beach. One came back with a good sized snapper, which he took the risk of putting in our frig. Despite our attempt to convince him it had been morphed into a tin of sardines, it left Opoutere to be shared with his mother who I am sure enjoyed it.
After lunch, we all headed off to the beach. By now the drizzle had left us but was clinging to the hills. Despite the lack of sun, it was still warm and didn’t stop some people swimming, while four of us walked ‘au naturel’ along the 5km beach to the ‘island’ at the north end. We met a few people along the way who weren’t at all worried about our nakedness. As we got halfway back to our gear on the beach, the drizzle returned, but luckily it was coming from behind us and quite refreshing.

We returned to camp to dry off and prepare for happy hour, which was a cosy affair under our awning and umbrellas! However, as if on cue, the weather cleared by dinner time enabling us to enjoy a shared BBQ without getting wet while cooking or eating.

The fisher folk headed off early the next day to the estuary while the rest of us had breakfast, after which we joined them. By the time we got there, one of them had already landed a good sized kahawai. Two other members then decided to have a swim in the calm waters of the estuary and just after they got out, we spotted a dark shadow in the shallow water. We initially thought that it was a large stingray, but as the creature glided past us in the clear water, doing a couple of circuits right in front of us, we realised that it was a two metre (plus) bronze whaler shark, no doubt looking for a stingray, its favourite food. Although humans are not usually part of a bronze whaler’s diet, I think the swimmers were glad that they had left the water when they did!

Back to camp for lunch and while some packed up, we headed back to the beach to ride the waves, as the sea was perfect with long straight surf. As well the sun was out, making a great end to a fantastic weekend. We will return again same time, same place next year.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Waikato Outdoor Society's mini-fest

Many members of Bay of Plenty Naturists spent a pleasant long weekend at Waikato Outdoor Society last weekend for their annual mini-fest.
Some of the sports played over the weekend included indoor bowls, darts, miniten, petanque, mini-golf, croquet, kubb and ladder golf. As well, the solar heated pool was well used by everyone, especially on the Sunday when the outside temperature soared to 29 degrees Celsius.
Lots of members did well in the sports, while others didn't fare so well, although Col and I did try hard! The raffle prizes were substantial and Col was lucky enough to win one of the quickfire raffles. On Friday night, a quiz was held with the BOP Naturists team scoring second.  This was followed by a movie, 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' which was entertaining. On Saturday night, after the catered dinner, a music video had many up dancing while the others sang along to the well known songs.
We were well fed, with a sausage and bread on Friday night, a catered spit roast with pork and beef on Saturday night and a cooked breakfast on Sunday all included in the registration fee.
Well done WOS - it was a great weekend and although a little damp on Saturday morning, it wasn't enough to stop the keen petanquers from keeping the draw running to schedule.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Impromptu gathering of BOP Naturists

By co-incidence, two couples from out of town who are members of BOP Naturists were visiting us in Tauranga for lunch on consecutive days. Unknown to us, the four of them knew each other from previous get-togethers with the group. One couple was already booked to stay at BOP Naturists exclusive park-over-property in Tauranga for the night, so the others also decided to join them there. On the spur of the moment, Col and I also decided to pack up the bus and drive 10 minutes from home to join them for happy hour and dinner. After a lovely evening sitting around chatting, Col and I decided we might as well stay over for the night as well.
Of course, as is becoming the norm for BOP Naturist gatherings, our own 'almost naked chef' was on hand to cook breakfast. However this time his role was taken over by a true 'naked chef' who cooked the breakfast for the rest of us, while our 'almost naked chef' looked on.