Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mid-winter Polar Plunge

It was a fabulous winters day - sunny, clear skies, no wind - OK the air was a bit cool at times (when the sun disappeared) and the pool a chilly 12 degrees Celsius, for the annual Polar Bare Plunge at Katikati Naturist Park.
About 20 keen people braved the pool, some going in for more than one dip, then warmed up in the spa or sauna with a few nips of mulled wine and some warm savouries.
It was great to see some new members getting into the action and enjoying the friendliness of other more seasoned members of the group.
After they had all warmed up, we were joined by the others for happy hour, followed by a shared pot-luck dinner. Then a large group of us settled down in the rec room to watch the All Blacks beat France live on Sky TV. More savouries were served at half time, which everyone appreciated.

Friday, May 18, 2018

BOP Naturists now has over 1000 members from all over the world!

Yep – that is right. Bay of Plenty Naturists has exceeded all expectations and now has over 1000 members! 
When I set up this group 8 years ago, I thought it would be a small local group of naturists and never dreamed that it would extend to over 1000 members from all over the world.
The knockers would say – “yes but they are not all from NZ”. No they are not, but 75% are and anyhow, does that matter? We are all naturists no matter where we live and with good networking using the regular monthly newsletter, members from all over the world can find out more about naturism in NZ and with reports coming in from overseas members, local naturists can learn about overseas venues.
Often overseas members time their trips to NZ to coincide with our events. I can provide them with information about all the naturist clubs in the country, with a detailed itinerary which helps them plan their trip. So the clubs win out as well.
The knockers also said when I started out, that the group would end up being top heavy with single blokes (I call them individuals as some have partners who aren’t interested in naturism). Well so what? Individual guys are shunned by many naturist clubs in NZ and other countries, but they are still naturists with limited options. This is discrimination. Individual guys in the group are some of the nicest blokes I know and add a lot of diversity to the group. And guess what? The percentage of individual men to couples is in similar proportions to a lot of clubs, so the group is not top-heavy with individual blokes as some thought.
The stats for the group as of today are as follows:
Total membership: 1014
% as couples: 75%
% as individuals (male and female): 25%
Overall 41% are female and 59% male.
76% learnt about the group by word of mouth, so thanks everyone for passing on the message.

I get many accolades for the newsletter from members worldwide who anxiously wait for their next newsletter. I get no moans, gripes or grizzles – just positiveness and thanks. It is a pleasure to run this group, so thanks to you all for signing up.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Record numbers at our hot pool night in Tauranga

We finally topped 50 bathers attending our latest hot pool night. It was a warm night and even with darkness descending earlier than the past few months, people enjoyed the camaraderie of other members.
This time we had 11 new members come along. They were made most welcome by the others and will, I am sure be back again next month. The positive atmosphere among the group was evident at this event, with everybody chatting amongst themselves.
The food was great thanks to Al and Lisa's expertise. The company was great. And the turnout was amazing showing how much everyone enjoys this fun naturist event.
If you want to participate too, contact me.

Opoutere Beach weekend

WOW! What a great weekend we had at Opoutere Beach. We even managed to get the weather Gods to participate, with a fine weekend wedged between a cyclone and heavy rain.

We had a total of 8 large motorhomes, 4 small campervans squeezed into our limited area which would normally only hold only 8 sites and as well we had 3 caravans in another area. With careful parking of the vans in a corral circle, we even had room for our gazebo and to set up the Kubb.
With the weather being extremely hot, everyone went to the beach. The water was very warm and we were able to use our boogie boards to surf right in to the sand. Didn't do the elbows much good though! Others just swam while others sunned themselves. A couple of kites were produced, flying with varying degrees of success in the warm breeze. All this was au naturel, as Opoutere Beach is a recognised free beach.
Some tried their hand at fishing (naked too). Fish landed were a trevally and kahawai. One person even got a legal-sized snapper. There were tales of a possible stingray as well, which took the line of one unlucky fisher person. A few walked to the end of the beach, some 5km each way.
Happy hour both nights saw everybody joining in to socialise and and tell fishy tales, and tales of sun, sea and surf. A shared pot luck dinner followed and everyone sat around until dark. Some still had a challenge in the Kubb to finish off. I have never seen Kubb played under torch light before!
The only negative about the whole weekend was that we had to be dressed in the textile camping area! What a fun time we all had. Shall we do it again next year - SURE WILL.

Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 Pyes Pa weekend

The weather Gods were looking after us for this years camping weekend at a private property in a Tauranga suburb. The park-like grounds for this event really lend themselves to a naturist gathering which started on Friday evening with happy hour as people arrived to set up their tents and motorhomes.

After dinner we all sat around in the gazebo until dark, oblivious as to the storm buffeting Rotorua with flooding and thunderstorms, only about 50km away. We got no rain at all!
The next morning a group from a local life art drawing group came along to sketch some of the members. Others played Kubb or petanque. Once again,. although the wind was gusty, we got no rain.

After happy hour we had a shared pot luck dinner then sat around the fire waiting for dark. Then we watched an outdoor movie 'Going in Style' which was very entertaining.

Sunday was similar weather (still no rain) so our own naked chef cooked everyone a big breakfast of bacon and eggs, hash browns and baked beans. Everyone certainly enjoyed that!

A masseuse came along to give massages to several members while everyone else sat around chatting or playing the games.

After lunch we all sat around chatting until it was time to take down the gazebo and head home - although no-one was in a hurry to leave!
Once again thanks to our hosts for allowing us to camp in such a pristine area for our annual event.
See you next year - same time , same place!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas party with a bang!

Our Christmas party was held at our regular hot pool night and was certainly one to remember! It started out normally enough with everyone given a small gift from Santa's sack on arrival. As well, BOP Naturists gave everyone a free drink of their choice to have with their dinner.
The Christmas dinner this year was a huge glazed baked ham with new potatoes and a salad bar. For those not wanting the Christmas meal, the usual fish and chips was the second choice.  Dessert was a huge self-serve trifle, chocolate brownie and Christmas cake with cream.
All 40 members had just finished their delicious meal when the earlier forecasted thunderstorm arrived in vengeance. The rain was torrential but this didn't deter those in the pool from getting a little wetter than usual from the heavens as well as the pool. The storm, the worst in Tauranga this year, soon passed but it certainly made for a Christmas party with a difference!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Our annual fun games weekend at Katikati Naturist Park

This year was the best ever attendance at this event. Over 50 members enjoyed a fun-filled weekend of socialising, fun activities and plenty of food.
We started out the main activities on Saturday morning with morning tea and then the games began. The forecast was for heavy rain in the afternoon so we put plan B into force and opted for indoor games. Even without the rain it would have been too cold outside although we added mini-golf to the games which could be played between showers
The indoor games played were pool (8 ball), darts, table tennis and Wii ten-pin bowling. This was a game that only a few had played before, but which most people had a go at.

Some even got hooked and tried out the tennis and basketball with mixed success. We played all doubles with the other games, as with up to 20 players wanting to take part, we would have run out of time for singles. The members all helped with the running of the draws, which meant that by happy hour, all the games were completed and everyone knew everyone! Afternoon tea was served while the games were being played.
Happy hour turned into a pot luck dinner with plenty of food for all. After dinner we had a quiz, which certainly tested the knowledge of everyone present.
On Sunday morning, the All Blacks were playing France. As Katikati Naturist Park now has Sky TV hooked up, many people wanted to see the game live on the big screen. So we served a continental breakfast before the game and hot savouries at half time.

After the game (which in case you didn't know, NZ won) we served a cooked brunch of bacon, eggs, hash browns and baked beans.Then it came to the prize giving - not just for the winners of the games but for everyone for attending. So no-one went home empty-handed.
This rounded off another very successful event for the Bay of Plenty Naturist group and we would like to thank Tom and Ami from KNP for hosting us for this event. We will be back again next November to repeat this annual event.