Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas to all Bay of Plenty Naturists

I would like to wish all BOP Naturists the very best for a happy Christmas and peaceful and healthy New Year.
I hope to see some more of you at events planned over the summer. There is something for everyone - beach days, campouts, bush walks, hot pool nights, etc. So come along and enjoy some of these events with the fantastic people who make up this very successful naturist group.
Keep an eye on your newsletters and emails for more news about the exciting events happening throughout the new year.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas at Oropi Hot Pools

Another wonderful night at the Oropi hot pools was the culmination of a successful year for BOP Naturists. Over forty people took time out from the Christmas rush to relax with a glass of wine and finger food, followed by a lovely meal in the idyllic setting. Even the weather played its part after weeks of rain to make this an unforgettable evening. Santa arrived with a sack of goodies, so that everyone went home with something.
Of course, all this would not be possible without the generosity of the members of this growing naturist group. By supporting the raffles, donating prizes for the raffles and giving cash donations, the group was able to give something back to its members, which of course is what the Christmas spirit is all about. Thanks to you all for being part of the group and supporting it so well.
Look out for more exciting events in the New Year, with the next being a weekend campout at the end of January, which will include a beach day at Papamoa and a walk up a very scenic river gorge.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Weather Gods were not on our side

I don't know what happened to the weather over the weekend, but someone up there certainly spoilt it for the BOP Naturists. With the forecast looking pretty wet for the whole weekend, a call was made on Friday to postpone the event until late January.
As this was to be our Christmas party, Santa was re-booked to appear at Oropi on 19 December bringing his Santa sack with him. I will be providing some wine and nibbles, which we can have before dinner, while we are soaking in the warm pools.
We will be going to Pyes Pa on 28 January and make it our base for 'A Day Without Bathing Suits' at Papamoa Beach on the Saturday. We will have a communal meal that evening at Pyes Pa and stay the night, and on Sunday 29th head inland for the walk down the river valley, which Peter tells us is extremely scenic.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Picnic and Parkover at Pyes Pa

This coming weekend, BOP Naturists will gather for their annual Picnic and Parkover at Pyes Pa. The theme for the weekend is relaxation and at Happy Hour on Saturday, Santa may pay just pop in for a visit. After a communal BBQ, we will enjoy socialising around the fire as darkness falls.
On Sunday morning, BOP Naturists will provide a cooked breakfast before some of us head further up the road for a very scenic walk along a river gorge, where, if it isn't too cold, some might like to take a dip!
This will be our last weekend activity before Christmas, so make sure that you come along and relax before the silly season gets you in its grasp!

Friday, November 18, 2011

BOP Naturists sail around the Tauranga Harbour

After three previous attempts, the gremlins were finally sent packing and seven hardy BOP Naturists headed out for a two hour sail around the Tauranga Harbour.
It should have been a day-long adverture for 22 naturists to Motiti Island with two boats, but factors beyond our control (a cyclone, an oil spill and one boat being sold), put paid to that.
But the weather Gods were on our side today. It was partly cloudy, and the winds were perfect. Perfect enough to go to Motiti Island if only the oil spill cordon had been lifted according to the skipper. Darn!
With a stiff south-westerly wind blowing, we headed out to Matakana Island and the harbour entrance, then back around the harbour, past the Mount, a cruise ship, a logging ship and a container ship and then back to the shelter of the marina, where we all had our lunch while watching a wedding take place on the foreshore.
We must all thank Phil, our skipper, for being so generous in offering us a free 2 hours on the harbour - his gesture of goodwill seeing as the original trip could not proceed as planned due totally to circumstances beyond his (or our) control.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nature and naturism at their best at our Oropi swim night

You should have seen some crazy naturists at our hot pool event at Oropi last night. Thunderstorms and hail had been forecast for the evening, but with a very warm sunny day in Tauranga, no-one believed it. That was until Peter arrived at Oropi and said that he had just driven from Rotorua and Mt Ngongotaha looked like it had snow on it and lahars of ice were flooding the streets in Rotorua.
All was calm in Tauranga however, but as about 40 of the group were relaxing in the warm outdoor pool, the skies darkened and huge drops of water started falling on the pool surface. A huge flash of lightning and the subsequent thunder about 5 seconds later, had some of us deciding the storm was getting a bit too close for comfort.
Then with a huge flash and clap of thunder very soon after, the sensible ones decided that the pool was not the best place to be in a thunderstorm and quickly gathered under shelter as the hail arrived in force.
However some hardened naturists remained in the pool in all the mayhem, hail landing on their heads, apart from Chris, who had the sense to keep his hat on. The steam was rising not only from the pool surface but also from the heads of the crazy naturists who were warm compared to the rest of us standing out in the cool air.
With dinner arriving from the kitchen, the sensible ones decided to retreat to the dining area to have their meal and by the time we had eaten, the mayhem was over and we spent the rest of the evening soaking in the warm pool as the stars appeared. Lying back and looking up, we tried to work out which two planets were shining brightly overhead and waited for a glimpse of a passing satellite which Peter insisted would come by anytime.
We never got to see a satellite, but all agreed that this night in Oropi had been one of the most dramatic we had experienced yet.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BOP Naturists join NZ Naturists at Katikati Naturist Park

By the time we set off for KNP, nearly 40 members of NZ Naturists and/or BOP Naturists had booked to attend the fun weekend. The weather didn’t play its part on Saturday but we still enjoyed the fantastic facilities at KNP, socialising in the gazebo, spa, sauna and swimming pool. The kids had a ball jumping in the pool, then the spa to warm up and back in the pool again. Indoor games were played, including chess, draughts, pool and table tennis. A fabulous pot luck dinner on Saturday night rounded off a somewhat soggy day. Sunday morning dawned better and Col, (with help from Bruce on the eggs), cooked us all a breakfast of bacon, eggs and hash browns. The prize giving ensured that everyone went home with something as a reminder of a great weekend.

Having fun at the Bay of Plenty Sun Club's 40th anniversary

What a great event the 1970s themed occasion was over Labour Weekend at BOPSC. As well as several former members from the early 1970s (one from the late 60s), there was a good attendance of current members and visitors, most of whom are also members of BOP Naturists. After the cutting of the anniversary cake on the Saturday, fifty people were seated in the clubhouse for a 3 course meal which was catered for by the committee members and helpers. Then we were entertained by a current member who played some country music and then by a former member who entertained us all with some rocking Elvis songs.
On Sunday morning, a cooked breakfast was served before the members held a craft market. This was followed by a lunchtime sausage sizzle and for dinner, left-overs completed the food offered over the weekend. A large group then watched the Rugby World Cup final in the clubhouse and that kept us all on the edge of our seats. It was a great weekend of socialising, feasting and celebration at the friendliest little club in the country.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer is on its way!

Now that daylight saving is here, can't you just feel summer? For me, the days are now feeling more conducive to outdoor living and BBQs. I even managed to get into uniform for a cuppa this morning - OK it was cool in the wind but that sun was just what the doctor ordered for boosting my vitamin D. Great!
With summer rapidly approaching, enjoy what I have planned for the warmer months. See newsletters for more details. If you aren't a member of this growing social group yet, email me and you soon will be!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September hot pool night at Oropi

Another great night at Oropi hot pools in Tauranga, under the stars and amongst the palm trees! The wind had been very strong all day, but not in the sheltered Oropi hot spa, where we socialised, dined and soaked the night away. This facility is ideal for our growing group. We welcome more people along to share in our varied activities, which are planned throughout the summer. Come along and join (at no cost) this friendly group of people. Email for more information.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Get-together at Katikati Naturist Park

The BOP Naturists get-together at Katikati Naturist Park saw about 20 members do what the group is all about – relax and socialise. Members came from as far away as Whangarei, Auckland, Whakatane and New Plymouth. Some stayed for the weekend with others just coming out for the day. The weather was sunny with a cool wind, but it was warm enough to get into uniform in the shelter of the pool enclosure. Of course some of us had to work, but the others all had a spa, sauna and I even saw some members take a dip in the pool! For some, it was the first visit to KNP and they are now hooked and told me they will definitely return!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Lazy Tramper

Well those of you who didn’t come to The Lazy Tramper sure missed out on a great weekend. I know that the 33 members of the group who did come along had a fantastic time. Even the weather obliged for most to go for a 1 hour loop walk through the beautiful Kaimai native bush, while some just stayed back and relaxed in front of the fire. After afternoon tea, we gradually wound down into Happy Hour while listening to our two accomplished guitarists, Rok and Phil, who played throughout the evening. A karaoke was provided by Alistair and was very popular as well.
Dinner was served and boy – what a feast! Plenty of everything and enough for lunch the next day as well. After dinner, with the open fire roaring, club uniform became more the norm, even though it was freezing outside with a clear frosty night. By the time people sloped off to bed, the dorms were so warm most complained of being too hot.
Once the sun came up, our very own naked chef and his helper Ray started cooking breakfast. The aroma wafting through the premises aroused those having a lazy Sunday sleep-in. By the time they were fed (again) there was time for another wander through the bush, including a walk to a beautiful swimming hole a few minutes from the lodge. Here a waterfall tumbled through several levels and had sculptured a circular pool, not unlike a spa pool, out of the rock. A group of seven decided to go further afield, leaving by car to go to the start of the Henderson Tramline track further down the road. From here they headed up to the ridge track and return, a walk of about 3 hours. Some donned club uniform and although they met up with trampers on the track, they had no problems. They returned to leftovers and hot soup for lunch before we all packed up and departed.
This weekend was so popular that I have pencilled in another weekend up there in the summer. Make sure you don’t miss out next time!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Looking forward to a weekend at The Lazy Tramper

Members of the BOP Naturists are looking forward to a weekend sleepover on 30-31 July at The Lazy Tramper, in the Kaimai Ranges, near Tauranga. The lodge is almost fully booked with nearly 40 keen people looking for a naturist event with a difference. Happy hour and a pot luck dinner should take care of any hunger pains.
After dinner, the evening will be spent relaxing around the log fire. With two members playing their guitars in totally different styles, it should be an entertaining evening. A walk is planned in the Kaimai Forest Park and also to the glow worms, a few minutes from the lodge. A cooked and continental breakfast is also included in the weekend sleepover (total price $22.50 per person), cooked by our very own 'Naked Chef'. To join in, email Glenne on

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Polar plunge

Twenty or so hardy (or foolhardy) souls celebrated the winter solstice at Katikati Naturist park on 25th June. Following a plunge in the 12 degree main pool, the sauna and spa pools were well used to warm up again. This was helped by a tot or two of warming port. This was a great social event on the BOP Naturists calendar in the middle of winter.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Another successful night at Oropi hot pools

Once again, over 40 naturists, who are members of BOP Naturists, spent a great night in June, soaking in the hot pools at Oropi. The best thing about this regular event is that we can also have a meal between soaking and socialising in the pools. The owner had the fire on so it was warm inside and out. Even so, a large group enjoyed their meal outside under the verandah. Another plus is that we don't have to get dressed for dinner!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CCS hot pool night and chinese smorgasbord

The recent evening at the CCS hot pool and the dinner afterwards at Chinatown was a great night, with seventeen locals joining seven from out of town who have not been to an event for a while. Thanks to those who travelled from a distance to attend. I think all who came enjoyed themselves. I know that whenever I leave Chinatown, I feel like I don’t want to eat ever again – until the next day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mid-winter get-together

BOP Naturists are inviting anyone who is interested in the naturist lifestyle to join us for a unique weekend at The Lazy Tramper, a lodge in the Kaimai Ranges, between Matamata and Tauranga (on the Tauranga side). It is set in a bush setting and if the weather allows, there are several bush walks in the Kaimai Forest Park, which start from The Lazy Tramper. Adjacent to the kitchen is a lounge/dining area, with a roaring fire that will keep us warm, even if it is wet and cold outside. There is another lounge/function area between both bunk houses, with comfy couches and a table tennis table. There are two bunk rooms with adjacent ablutions which sleep up to 40 people in single bunk beds. Both bunk rooms are centrally heated (turned on before arrival so the sleeping quarters are toasty warm). The bunk houses have 4 beds (2 bunks) in divided off areas, so it is reasonably private and are basic but comfortable. The lodge is very well appointed and very clean and tidy.

This fantastic weekend (July 30-31) is only $22.50 per person (children $10 each), with a limit of 40 people. This price includes free overnight accommodation and a cooked breakfast on the Sunday. As I have to pay a fixed price for the exclusive use of this facility, it is the same whether staying overnight or not. People need to bring their own sleeping bags, toiletries, etc, a meal to share for the pot luck dinner and their own drinks. As the lodge is only registered for 40 people, those coming must prebook with me and pay me in advance. Bookings and enquiries to Glenne at

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We are one year old!

Yes, doesn't time fly when you are having fun! BOP Naturists were formed a year ago this month and it has proven to be a very successful group.
I have been doing some stats on the group to show you how we are made up.
There are a total of 370 members, made up of 290 as couples and 80 singles. 43% are females. Members come from all over the country, with 12 from overseas, so is not limited to local naturists. Over 100 do not belong to any naturist club. The club with the highest number belonging to BOP Naturists is NZ Naturists with 90.
The group has held over 20 get-togethers over the year and lately between 30-40 people have been enjoying these and mixing with like-minded people. Places we have been to include hot pools (monthly), dinners, naturist clubs, private properties, lodges, beaches, and a DOC camp ground.
I hope to be able to carry on these types of activities over the following years and look forward to welcoming many more new people to the successful Bay of Plenty Naturists social group.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oropi in April

Another great night at Oropi Hot Pools where, under a clear sky, BOP Naturists enjoyed socialising with members of the group from as far away as Christchurch, Wellington and Mangawhai.
Although the Oropi hot pools are on the market, we hope that we can convince the new owners that we would like to come back again and spend more time at this lovely location.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kauaeranga Valley campout

Thirteen BOP Naturists had a great time camping in the bush in the Kauaeranga Valley, inland from Thames. We took over a corner at Catley’s campground, using the campervans as screening. We were well protected from anyone else who might turn up and some of us donned club uniform within our ‘circle’ as the weather dictated.
After Happy Hour and dinner on Friday night, we sat around the fire until it started drizzling. The next day dawned warm and mostly sunny, so ten of us decided to do the Wainora Kauri walk (3-4 hours return) – but they forgot to tell us in the brochures that it was a ‘stepped’ walk! I counted them on the way back and there are over 700 steps on the track (one way) so you can imagine that going up was pretty hard work! On the way up we had quite a few rest stops finally coming to a lookout with a great view of Table Mountain, which reared up in front of us. Just around the corner there was another lot of steps (downhill this time) to the first Kauri. We returned after taking some photos to prove that we were there.
We did a short walk and wandered down to the river in the afternoon. Some brave souls had a ‘swim’ – well a quick dip anyhow. As ‘Happy Hour’ dawned, a shower of rain came through, so we had it under the awnings but by dinner time, it cleared and then the stars came out. After dinner we all sat around the fire chatting, with Rok providing some mellow guitar music in the background. Magic!
The next day, Lyn, Ray, Rok, Col and I decided to punish our bodies again. After breaking camp, we drove to the end of the road and headed up towards the Pinnacles hut. On the track was the scariest swing bridge I’ve ever been on (mind you all swing bridges are scary for me). Putting my vertigo aside, I was encouraged(?) by the ‘team’ to use it or get my feet wet. Fortunately we all made it but the prospect of going over it again, made the return walk a daunting thought for me! I always hate ‘team building exercises’! After an hour or so, as the track changed from a bush walking track to a tramping track, we headed back to our vehicles, just as the heavens opened and dumped the heaviest rain of the weekend on us.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hot pool night

Another successful hot pool night was held mid-March with over 40 naturists enjoying a relaxing soak in the pools followed by dinner and then going in for another soak.
Next event for the group is a campout in the Kauaeranga Valley at the end of the month.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Opoutere Beach campout

In February, BOP Naturists met at Opoutere Beach for a campout, with twenty campervans or tents arriving at the camping ground for a sunny weekend at the beach. The only negative was we had to be dressed in the campground, but that was a small price to pay for the wonderful naturist beach through the trees. Some walked the 5.5km to the north end rocks and back, some lazed a few hundred metres from the beach access and Margaret fished at the estuary mouth and within 5 minutes had caught a kahawai – all au naturel. We returned to camp for lunch, then some went back to the beach, while some relaxed. Everyone was given a challenge – a ‘shell search’, looking for shells shown on a chart. They then had to name them from a list. Lyn collected the most shells, while Chris got the most names correct. Happy hour ran into a BBQ (thanks again Chris for bringing one) and that ran into a relaxing evening watching lightning flashing from a storm at sea. The next morning, most headed off to go fishing along the spit. Once there they staked their claim and stripped off with some having a swim in the calm estuary. Graham managed to catch a small kahawai but that was the extent of the fish caught. Others headed north for another swim and to relax. With a late checkout allowed, most left camp about 3pm Sunday. The weekend was so successful that I have already booked Opoutere campground for the same weekend next year.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Waikato Outdoor Society Mini-rally

Col and I had a great time at WOS for their mini-rally over the weekend. There was plenty to do, some new games to play and lots of great food and socialising. But the most popular place at the club was the pool, where we could all cool off as the humidity and heat took its toll.
This event is now well entrenched into the naturist calendar and we are looking forward to going again next year.

Monday, January 31, 2011

A Day Without Bathing Suits Outcome

‘A Day Without Bathing Suits’ at Papamoa Beach, set for Saturday 29th January, was upset by the weather and postponed until the Sunday. On Saturday, when we put up ‘postponed till Sunday’ notices, the water at low tide was up to the high tide mark, with huge surf breaking well out, so not a good day for swimming. But once Cyclone Wilma had finished wreaking havoc on the area and moved on, the sun came out and the wind dropped to make a very pleasant beach day.
On Sunday, over 40 people visited during the day, including 4 families with young children.
We had a volleyball net up and a few exerted themselves to toss the ball and tenniquoits around. Several people played petanque. The surf was warm and not too wild. We handed out brochures about naturist venues in the area and collected $150 for the local surf clubs. I sent some of the money to the Papamoa Surf Lifesaving Club and the rest to the Omanu Beach Surf Club, as they both did a patrol to our area. Thanks to all present for your donations. You were very generous. I advertised the event on and got over 6500 hits!
So all in all it was a great day out and everyone is keen to do it again, so we have pencilled in Sunday 6th March as another family day at the beach (cyclones permitting)!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A day without bathing suits - Papamoa Beach

Off to Papamoa Beach today. Beach volleyball, tenniquoits and petanque for the energetic, fishing, surfing and swimming for those who like getting wet and lazing about for those who like to laze about! Come along and bring the family.
A collection will be taken for the local Surf Lifesaving Clubs, so bring some cash. They will do patrols of the beach for us.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Northland holiday

Col and I spent a wonderful few days in sunny Northland after the rally. We were wined and dined for three days by Bruce and Marguerite who own Brumar, a naturist homestay on a working avocado orchard near Kerikeri. They took us fishing at a lovely Northland bay, where we could go naked as well. They also organised a gathering of NZ Naturists (formerly Supporter Group) members from the far north for a lunchtime BBQ, which was a great way to end a fabulous few days. We can thoroughly recommend Brumar for a great time with great hosts.

We then took the ferry to Russell and stopped off for a swim at Waitata (Donkey) Bay. This small bay, a short walk around the headland from Long Beach is protected by a covenant through the QEII Trust as a naturist beach. High above the beach is the property owned by an Italian couple Stephania and Antonio who also run a naturist homestay called ‘Waitata Bay’. I had arranged to meet Stephania and after a quick phone call, she came down to the beach to greet us. She offered to show us around their enterprise, which is luxury with a touch of class and European artistic flair. They are completely self-sufficient, right down to the electricity generated by sun and wind. The ‘Potting Shed’ accommodation is something really different, with no solid walls. Each room is separated by tropical and native plants in planter boxes and the bed – WOW! You climb steps up onto it and the bed head is a window with a view over the beach, which is stunning. But there is more – the skylight allows you to sleep under the stars in luxury. This is a great place to stay if you want a homestay with a difference.

We then headed further south, dropping in to Uretiti for a swim then after escaping Auckland to Opoutere Beach to check out the camp ground for our February meeting. It was so nice there that we ended up staying the night. Col had a dip here and also at the venue for our April beach day at a secluded part of Waihi Beach, where again we could swim au naturel.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A 'Taste of the Bay' nakation at Hawke's Bay Naturist Club

With the theme of the NZNF rally being ‘A Taste of the Bay’, each day had a different taste, from sport and leisure, fresh produce, health and relaxation to art deco. Apart from the usual sports programme, social events included a concert and a “Bach to Bacchus” night, (toga a must, except for the unfortunate slaves)! We drank wine and were hand-fed grapes, while being kept entertained by two violinists who performed many classical tunes and Christmas carols. New Years Eve was seen in with a live duo and fireworks. The next morning, a catered cooked and continental breakfast saved those of us with sore heads from cooking our own and what teamwork! If one particular food ran out, it was immediately replenished. Then that night, after a catered dinner, a hypnotist kept us entertained into the night, with willing subjects doing things that they couldn’t remember – but we can! What a great start to the New Year! The 5th day was themed ‘Art Deco’ and in keeping with the 1930s, deco hat making and vintage car rides were the order of the day, while listening to a duo playing 1930s songs. After a raid at gun point by a rough lot of agents looking for the notorious Ken Capone, the entertainment for the final night at the Sunflower Speakeasy had the Twin City Stompers band playing on well into the night.