Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BOP Naturists join NZ Naturists at Katikati Naturist Park

By the time we set off for KNP, nearly 40 members of NZ Naturists and/or BOP Naturists had booked to attend the fun weekend. The weather didn’t play its part on Saturday but we still enjoyed the fantastic facilities at KNP, socialising in the gazebo, spa, sauna and swimming pool. The kids had a ball jumping in the pool, then the spa to warm up and back in the pool again. Indoor games were played, including chess, draughts, pool and table tennis. A fabulous pot luck dinner on Saturday night rounded off a somewhat soggy day. Sunday morning dawned better and Col, (with help from Bruce on the eggs), cooked us all a breakfast of bacon, eggs and hash browns. The prize giving ensured that everyone went home with something as a reminder of a great weekend.

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