Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We are one year old!

Yes, doesn't time fly when you are having fun! BOP Naturists were formed a year ago this month and it has proven to be a very successful group.
I have been doing some stats on the group to show you how we are made up.
There are a total of 370 members, made up of 290 as couples and 80 singles. 43% are females. Members come from all over the country, with 12 from overseas, so is not limited to local naturists. Over 100 do not belong to any naturist club. The club with the highest number belonging to BOP Naturists is NZ Naturists with 90.
The group has held over 20 get-togethers over the year and lately between 30-40 people have been enjoying these and mixing with like-minded people. Places we have been to include hot pools (monthly), dinners, naturist clubs, private properties, lodges, beaches, and a DOC camp ground.
I hope to be able to carry on these types of activities over the following years and look forward to welcoming many more new people to the successful Bay of Plenty Naturists social group.

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  1. Happy Birthday and Congratulations... You'll be delighted to know that folk in many countries throughout the world now know of your activities through The Flying Tortoise blog too. I've had a couple of emails already asking for details...