Monday, August 1, 2011

The Lazy Tramper

Well those of you who didn’t come to The Lazy Tramper sure missed out on a great weekend. I know that the 33 members of the group who did come along had a fantastic time. Even the weather obliged for most to go for a 1 hour loop walk through the beautiful Kaimai native bush, while some just stayed back and relaxed in front of the fire. After afternoon tea, we gradually wound down into Happy Hour while listening to our two accomplished guitarists, Rok and Phil, who played throughout the evening. A karaoke was provided by Alistair and was very popular as well.
Dinner was served and boy – what a feast! Plenty of everything and enough for lunch the next day as well. After dinner, with the open fire roaring, club uniform became more the norm, even though it was freezing outside with a clear frosty night. By the time people sloped off to bed, the dorms were so warm most complained of being too hot.
Once the sun came up, our very own naked chef and his helper Ray started cooking breakfast. The aroma wafting through the premises aroused those having a lazy Sunday sleep-in. By the time they were fed (again) there was time for another wander through the bush, including a walk to a beautiful swimming hole a few minutes from the lodge. Here a waterfall tumbled through several levels and had sculptured a circular pool, not unlike a spa pool, out of the rock. A group of seven decided to go further afield, leaving by car to go to the start of the Henderson Tramline track further down the road. From here they headed up to the ridge track and return, a walk of about 3 hours. Some donned club uniform and although they met up with trampers on the track, they had no problems. They returned to leftovers and hot soup for lunch before we all packed up and departed.
This weekend was so popular that I have pencilled in another weekend up there in the summer. Make sure you don’t miss out next time!

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