Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oropi swim night

Wow - what a wonderful time 30 of us had at the Oropi Spa complex on our first visit there. Considering the weather in the rest of the country, we were very lucky to only have the odd shower with occasional very strong winds. But this was no real problem as everyone had such a good time socialising in the sheltered pools. Most then sauntered into the cafe in various stages of dress (or undress) for a meal, which was prepared by the owner, all on her own! The meals were very reasonably priced and very yummy (well mine was and I didn't hear any complaints). Then back in the pool to let the dinner go down. We went home dressed just in our robes and climbed straight into bed still warm and toasty after the soak. Everyone present agreed that this venue is really worth supporting and we all look forward to the next one on October 18th, which will be in daylight saving time, a month later and hopefully good enough weather to have a BBQ if we want to.

1 comment:

  1. Oropi Hot Pool Complex exceeded all my expectations. Despite being a cold, wet and windy night the large number of naturists who turned up had a great time. The pool is just wonderful and the meals tasty and good value. I can't wait for next time and with daylight saving it will be great to have a look around the park like grounds in daylight and perhaps have a BBQ on a balmy summer evening all as nature intended.