Sunday, February 24, 2013

Opoutere Beach weekend

Well after all the fabulous events during the summer, you wouldn’t think there could be anything better. But there was! Our third annual weekend at Opoutere Beach was once again a great success. The endless summer carried on and we had two wonderful sunny days, with little wind to spend at this recognised naturist beach.
A large group camped in the campground. Some went fishing. The results didn’t supply us with much fresh fish, although one member did catch one and the fishermen learnt a new skill – how to catch pipis (shellfish) with a fishing rod! All of the group went to the beach and although the surf was a bit unpredictable, managed to catch some good waves with their boogie boards. On Saturday night we all joined up for happy hour and a shared meal. On Sunday morning after our own naked chef cooked us all breakfast, we all headed back to the beach, with six of us walking the 5km stretch along the beach to the ‘island’ wearing nothing but a hat. Magic!
The one thing that was evident during this weekend was the age of the group members present. Although the ages ranged from 2 to over 70, the average age would have been much younger than at many previous naturist events we have been to recently. These members sure enjoyed themselves this weekend and it is great to see this new generation of naturists coming to the fore. Although I don’t keep stats on the age group of members, I can certainly see that the group is attracting many ‘generation Y’ naturists to the fold – which can only be good for naturism in New Zealand. 

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