Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fun weekend at Katikati Naturist Park

About 40 BOP Naturists had a great weekend at KNP over the weekend. With the weather forecast looking bleak earlier in the week, the weather Gods did do their best to stuff things up, but it didn't affect the activities. We had all four seasons in one day on Saturday, with sunshine interspersed with showers and a strong biting wind. My previous discussions with the weather Gods must have worked though, as they kept the heavy rain away until after the petanque draw was finished.
We had more sports entries than ever before this year, showing how much the group members enjoyed themselves. We had 12 couples entered in the petanque doubles - a huge turnout, but with 16 individuals entered for the pool singles, we had to make the contest into doubles to fit them all in. Most members played the daunting mini-golf course, frisbee golf and some played in the table tennis singles. Congratulations to all the winners and also thanks for the good sportsmanship you all showed.
After happy hour on Saturday, we all donated something for the shared meal and then had a slideshow showing some naturist sites in northern Queensland recently visited by myself and Col. Then to the quiz, which included some tricky brain teasers and questions from the latest BOP Naturists newsletter. Then we found out who reads it and who doesn't!!
The next morning, BOP Naturists provided a breakfast for everyone and after that we had the prize giving where everyone present received a prize for not necessarily winning but doing something (some helpful, some hilarious)!
But the best part of the weekend was the camaraderie shown among the members. There was constant chatter, laughter and inclusion of everyone into the proceedings. We even gained new members from visitors staying at KNP, so all in all, it was a fantastic weekend.

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