Saturday, June 23, 2012

Polar Plunge 2012

The weather was perfect for the annual polar plunge at Katikati Naturist Park with a dozen or so Bay of Plenty Naturists celebrating the winter solstice by 'plunging' into the 11 degree pool. Their bravery was rewarded with some warm mulled wine and a recovery in the 40 degree spa pool.


  1. We used to do a run around our club grounds as early as possible on new years day, often in deep snow &/or frost. The rules were, 1) Nothing apart from footwear worn. 2) Last one still running wins!. The circuit of the club which is 26 acres of countryside grounds,so it was a trek. The prize for this torture was a '"Wooden Frog". I never won this race, I was frightened of frostbite !

  2. Wonderful photo. The reflections in the pool could tell a tail or two!

    1. Wait till you see the reflections in the front-on photo!!!