Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A weekend in Rotorua with the Bay of Plenty Sun Club

It was a great weekend for the BOP Sun Club’s outing to Rotorua, which included a walk up Rainbow Mountain, a hot swim at the ‘hot and cold’ pools, camping at Lake Rerewhakaaitu, a walk around Blue Lake (Tikitapu), camping at Lake Okareka and finishing with a walk around Hamurana Springs. We started by meeting at Rainbow Mountain where sixteen members of the group (nine were also members of BOP Sun Club, three from Rotota, and a couple from NUDVAN) set off up the mountain on a foggy morning. But above the fog the sky was blue and those who got to the top said it was actually warm enough to get their gear off for a photo (and longer). The view from above the fog extended as far as the snow capped Mt Ruapehu! After their descent, a local BOP Naturist took us to the ‘hot and cold’ natural thermal pools, aptly named as the water was hot and cold! However Peter (also confirmed by some of the locals) said that the water was much colder than normal. Once we took possession of the pools from the locals (who were frightened off by a group of naturists, even though we wore togs – to start with anyhow), we settled in for a hot soak but every now and then, the water let us down and went cold. But by moving slightly, the hot water returned (as well as the local rat who decided that Peter’s lunch was quite tasty)! After warming up in the hot pool, eight of the group arrived at a campsite by Lake Rerewhakaaitu for the night. Happy hour was convened beside the picture perfect lake as the sun went down. The next day, we toured around Lake Rerewhakaaitu, stopping off at the DOC camps on the shores of the lake. After lunch at Blue Lake, six of us walked around the lake which took 1½ hours, then headed to our overnight camp on the shores of Lake Okareka. Here we watched the sun go down and the moon come up, making good use of the DOC shelter on the shores of the lake for happy hour. Monday dawned to a cloudless sky so after morning tea in the sunshine beside the lake, four of us headed off to Hamurana Springs for a walk around this very scenic location. Lunch beside Lake Rotorua ended this very successful trip to Rotorua by the BOP Sun Club. This was a trial for future events to be held by the club, to which all members of BOP Naturists are invited. Although not truly a naturist event (well at this time of year, who would want to get their gear off anyhow), it was totally successful in getting together people with similar interests for a great time of socialising and outdoor events. Many more are planned around the greater BOP area and I look forward to seeing more members of the group at these future outings.

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