Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another great event in 'The Bay'

Our annual 'Picnic and Parkover at Pyes Pa' was attended by a good number of members, who either stayed on-site for the weekend or came along for the day. It was good to see some old faces and be able to catch up on their news since we saw them last.
We started on Friday night by putting up the gazebo and enjoying happy hour in its shade as the sun was still very hot. After a shared BBQ there was a lot of socialising until dark.
On Saturday, I had arranged for a group of life-art artists to visit. They did some quick sketches of us relaxing in the gazebo and then took some of the group out around the grounds under the trees. Thanks to those who volunteered to model I think you all enjoyed the experience. Some great drawings were produced in the dappled light under the trees. 

While this was happening, some others went on a scavenger hunt. One member really took it to heart and found 26 of the 30 obscure treasures. It really did require a lot of lateral thinking so well done.
After Happy hour, we shared a BBQ dinner and then watched the sad, funny, cute, poignant movie ‘What We Did on Our Holiday’ on the warm evening as the full moon rose between the massive palm trees on this beautiful property. Afterwards, we toasted marshmallows on the fire in the moonlight. What a magical evening!

On Sunday morning, our own naked chef cooked us breakfast, then a massage therapist did some massages in the gazebo for those who had booked while everyone else just relaxed in the shade of the trees as it was too hot to do anything else!

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