Sunday, November 12, 2017

Winter activities

During the winter, we had monthly hot pool nights in Tauranga with a two course meal and swim. These nights have become very successful with over 40 members soaking up the warm water and ambiance of the location. The chatter is continual throughout the 4 hour period we have the use of the pool for.
These nights are a good way to introduce people to the naturist lifestyle and will continue into 2018 on a monthly basis.

We have also held a spa and movie night in Tauranga in July which was an enjoyable way to spend a mid-winter evening. The spa was welcome as was the roaring fire!
The movie shown was 'Oddball' a true story set in southern Victoria in Australia about a Maremma dog which protected penguins on an offshore island from marauding foxes. It was a great family, feel-good movie with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure.

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