Thursday, February 6, 2020

December 2019 events

Christmas party
It was a great turnout at our Christmas party at the hot pools when Santa left three boxes of goodies for all those attending. We had a record number of 54 come along. It is a shame that this number don’t come every time. It must be the $5 gifts Santa brought that encouraged the large number to come along! There was almost standing room only in the cafĂ© until someone came to the rescue with another table! The ham that Al baked was delicious as were the salads and berry topped pavlova.

Waihi Beach weekend
Just before Christmas, we went to Waihi Beach. Although it was cold overnight with a cool southerly, we found that protected by the dunes, the weather was perfect both days – sunny and no wind. Although only a dozen came on Saturday, there were over 20 present on Sunday.  The sea was calm and although cool, several people had a swim on Sunday afternoon.

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