Thursday, February 6, 2020

Our annual campout weekend

This fabulous annual event was a full-on weekend of fun, relaxation, life drawing artists, horse racing and great company for the 30 or so members who came along. The weather was also perfect the whole weekend.
Most people arrived on Friday and settled into their camp sites for the weekend. There was a lot of chatter at Happy Hour and then it was dinner time. We made good use of the two donated BBQs, which were kindly donated to BOP Naturists for use at our events.
We got a roaring fire going on Friday evening, which was nice to sit around as the night cooled off.
On Saturday, we had a group of artists come along to do life drawing. We had so many people offer to be models that they ran out of time to sketch everyone. A couple of new members really got into the modelling. Well done to you both. 

We set up the Kubb, but unlike last year, people were happy just to sit around and relax. A few were keen to get some exercise while the rest watched the artists or relaxed with a good book.
After lunch, the BOP Naturists race day was held. A fine array of colourful hats (the women) and ties (the men) lined up for our ‘fashion in the field’ judging, before the race meeting started. Three of the artists agreed to be judges and chose the winning costumes. Then the three colts and three fillies ran in 5 races, which was a lot of fun.

Then it was time for happy hour followed by a potluck dinner. The BBQs were well used again and the huge array of food fed us all admirably. We lit another roaring fire, which was so hot that the marshmallows caught fire but were still crisp on the outside and runny in the middle. YUM!!
The next morning, our ‘Naked Chef’ cooked a great breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns, baked beans and mushrooms. So no-one went home hungry!
After taking down the gazebo to prevent it getting damp overnight, some took up the opportunity to stay for another night at this idyllic property in Tauranga, so close to town but miles away from the textile world.

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