Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend in Waihi - Part 3

Naturist day at Waihi Beach

Col and I were joined by two families at the recognised naturist section of Waihi Beach in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. We cycled from the end of Waihi Beach town to the naturist beach accessway. Once there, we pushed the bikes through the sand dunes and onto the beach.

It was a cloudy day but very warm. The boys all went swimming - the girls knew better - although the water was quite tolerable for so early in the summer.

The only visit we had while at the beach were 4 horses (and their riders) and a dog. Other than that, we had the beach pretty much to ourselves.

One of the members produced a kite and demonstrated his skills with the two string flying machine. Apart from trying to hit his partner on the head a couple of times, he did very well with it. The breeze was perfect for kite flying.

Col and I cycled back along the beach. It was still warm and ended a fantastic weekend. Along the way we saw a great sand sculpture and just had to get a photo of it in naturist uniform. Someone had spent a lot of time working on that piece of art.


  1. you can only wonder why horse-riders didn't get naked either, they were the only ones clothed!

  2. Waihi Beach lad here, stuck in Timaru for work, saw this and am really pining for home now, well only one thing to do now, in one weeks time, I will do a naked month long, road trip north, with me Buddy.

    1. Why not join BOP Naturists and come along to our other events in the Bay?

    2. Well well well, Hello Glenne, I got me dates all wrong, but did make it to BOPSC and became the Caretaker, opps. Also, am now on your BOP Naturist list, look forward to the newsletters to come. See ya both next time!